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'One Small Step' with StoryCorps founder David Isay

As a public radio listener, you’ve probably heard a segment every Friday where everyday people share stories about their lives. Those come from StoryCorps. Its mission is to connect people through their life stories.

In 2020, StoryCorps launched “One Small Step.” It’s a project to foster a different kind of connection. They bring total strangers – with different political views – into a room to talk person-to-person. Their newest project is called “One Small Step Congress,” which brings together Congressional members and senior staff from opposing parties.

Republican Rep. William Timmons of South Carolina participated in the project.

“The more people are talking to one another, building relationships and putting the time in, we’ll be able to get back on track—I’m still hopeful,” he said.

We caught up with StoryCorps founder David Isay last month at KMUW in Wichita, Kansas, to talk about how conversation can bridge political divides.

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Arfie Ghedi