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90.5 WESA and Tree Pittsburgh

90.5 WESA and Tree Pittsburgh are teaming up between Earth Day, April 22nd and Arbor Day, April 29th

Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day with your gift to WESA! We've partnered with the folks at Tree Pittsburgh to help sustain and grow Pittsburgh's urban forests AND your favorite public radio station.

Let your WESA membership take root! Make your gift now.

Tray of seedlings from at Tree Pittsburgh

Plant a Tray of 50 Seedlings

Seeds are where it all begins. Tree Pittsburgh collects seeds locally, which are either native or proven to be hardy enough for our urban conditions.

Your $5 a month sustaining membership will plant a tray of 50 seeds with the potential to grow into strong, urban trees.

Tree Pittsburgh Volunteer Planting Seeds

Plant TWO Trays of 50 Seedlings!

Your $10 a month sustaining membership will allow 100 seeds to take root at Tree Pittsburgh with the potential to grow into strong, urban trees. Plant seeds with your gift now!

Room to Grow!

As seeds at Tree Pittsburgh grow into seedlings, they need more space. Depending on the species, seedlings are transplanted several times to give them the best start towards being a strong, resilient tree.

Your gift of $10 a month or $120 all at once will help transplant these seedlings, giving them the space needed to prosper. Give now!

Celebrate the 150th Arbor Day with WESA and Tree Pittsburgh!

The American Arbor Day was started by journalist J. Sterling Merton in Nebraska in 1872. While some states celebrate Arbor Day on different days according to their tree planting season, Pennsylvania celebrates on the national holiday – the final Friday of April.

Make a gift of $150 or become a sustaining member at $12.50 a month to commemorate the sesquicentennial of this important day!

Provide Protection for Growing Trees!

Mulch is important in every stage of a tree’s life. In their Heritage Nursery, Tree Pittsburgh uses wood chips to “heal in” our trees, protecting them from the winter cold by covering our potted trees with mulch on all sides. Once a tree is in the ground, mulch helps to reduce weeds, conserves moisture, and as it breaks down its nutrients help to improve the soil around the tree.

A $15 a month sustaining membership will help Tree Pittsburgh protect growing trees with mulch or wood chips. Donate now to support public radio and Tree Pittsburgh!

Help Tree Pittsburgh Plant a Tree!

So much goes into planting a tree. From the work at the Heritage Nursery, to the staff and volunteers who put trees in the ground, to the ever-important equipment that protects trees from deer and other obstacles.

You can help Tree Pittsburgh plant a healthy, native tree with your sustaining membership of $25 a month or a one-time gift of $300!

About Tree Pittsburgh

Tree Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization that protects and grows a healthy and robust urban forest that enhances our region’s livability and community well-being through innovative programs and practices that strengthen the urban forest.

Founded in 2006 to address the concern for the well-being of Pittsburgh’s trees that improve the region’s quality of life, Tree Pittsburgh's mission is to grow and maintain a healthy and robust tree canopy that enhances Pittsburgh’s livability and community well-being through innovative programs and practices that strengthen the urban forest. Tree Pittsburgh is the only local organization exclusively dedicated to urban forestry.

Tree Pittsburgh achieves their mission through core programs that include: urban forest management and community technical support, tree planting and reforestation, the heritage nursery, education, volunteering and engagement, and tree adoption events.