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Megs Yunn, Spreading Birthday Cheer All Year

Debbi Casini Klein
90.5 WESA

Read and listen to a story about Megs Yunn as part of a series honoring the individuals who make a difference in people’s lives: 90.5 WESA Celebrates People Making a Difference.

Megs is spreading birthday cheer 365 days a year to homeless kids who have never had a party.

It began in March  of 2011, when Megs was volunteering at a local after-school program, and she met a young girl named Beverly.

Beverly was 11 at the time and she had to use the word “accustomed to” in a reading homework. She didn’t really understand the context of the word, so Megs provided her an example.  She said, “Beverly, at birthday parties people are accustomed to eating what?”

She looked at Megs and said, “Miss Megs, I never had a birthday party. I’ve never even had my own slice of birthday cake.”

Those words broke Megs' heart, and that day changed her life forever. That made her realize that there were so many children in Beverly’s situation, and she knew she had to do something about it.