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From time to time, 90.5 WESA will update its schedule and announce special programming. Follow those updates here, as well as on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

90.5 WESA Summer Programming and Special Broadcasts


90.5 WESA is excited to announce the following upcoming programming changes and special broadcasts for the Fourth of July and beyond!

Saturdays in Summer

2:00 PM: Saturday airing of "Q" to be replaced with Re:Sound for the summer season. 

Friday, July 4th 

11:00 AM: State of the Re:Union - "The Sorting of America" 

The U.S. has been a country shaped by migration, dating back to the days of the pioneers making their way West. But recently, this country has been seeing a different kind of migration, one motivated not by economic necessity, but lifestyle choices. More and more, people are moving to places where they're surrounded by others like themselves. In this episode of SOTRU, we tell stories of this new kind of migration, of people moving to different corners of the country find (or build) themselves a haven.


12:00 PM: Innovation Hub  

Host Kara Miller and company pay tribute to our nation by looking at great American innovations and how the American dream has changed over time. One guest on the program is author and analyst Joel Kurtzman, who explains why the coming century could be the true "American century."


1:00 PM: Sound Opinions - "1967"


In this one-hour program, Sound Opinions celebrates one of the most significant years in rock and roll. 1967 was the year that the recording studio as an instrument changed the way music is created; that the album as a united concept changed the way it is heard; that the festival experience remade the way music is celebrated live. Pop music became big business 


8:00 PM: Capitol Steps - "Politics Takes a Holiday"      

The Cap Steps are back with their take on recent national politics through skits and song.