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The Pulse to air on 90.5 WESA starting Feb. 12

Starting Friday February 12, 2016, 90.5 WESA will air The Pulse, a weekly program produced  by NewsWorks at WHYY in Philadelphia that focuses on stories at the heart of health, science, and innovation, in particular about the work to prevent disease, preserve energy, forestall death, develop treatments and build healthier cities. It will air on Fridays at 1 PM, with a rebroadcast at 9 PM. The Pulse is hosted by WHYY's Maiken Scott.   

Why do you wait forever in your doctor's office? Can we stop asteroids from smashing into Earth? What's with people's love of round numbers? Why do some of us cry after anesthesia? Why is The Cloud such an energy glutton? How much should an MRI cost, really?

The Pulse explores the questions that make people ask, "Yeah, why is that?" It explains. It investigates. It has fun. It tells stories from ground level, where illness, healing and discovery are personal. The Pulse celebrates science, and covers breakthroughs with healthy skepticism.

The Pulse replaces the Friday 1 PM broadcast of Here and Now. The rebroadcast at 9 PM pushes Dinner Party Download to the 10 PM spot, replacing Live Wire , which will no longer be heard on 90.5 WESA.