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WESA & Allegheny Front Win Golden Quills

At the Western Pennsylvania Press Club's 52nd annual Golden Quill Awards held on May 12, 90.5 WESA and The Allegheny Front reporters won in multiple categories.

Lou Blouin, reporting for The Allegheny Front, won in the radio feature category for "Gettysburg Battlefield Gets an Extreme Makeover." Blouin also won in the Health/Science/technology category for "Building a Better Honeybee." The Allegheny Front's Kara Holsopple won in the Business/Technology/Consumer story category for "Better Energy Storage Gives Renewables a Boost". Holsopple, together with Julie Grant and Reid Frazier, won Radio Documentary category for "The Allegheny Front's Earth Day Special. The Allegheny Front's Reid Frazier and Public Source's Natasha Khan won for their collaborative  Enterprise/Investigative story,  "Two Men, One Coal-Ash Dump, No Answers."

WESA's Deanna Garcia won in the Education (Radio) category for "This We Believe: Eighth Grade Class' Take on Iconic Radio Essay Series", while Margaret J. Krauss won in the History category for her series, "WESA Celebrates: Inventing Pittsburgh". Liz Reid won in the Sports Reporting category for her story, "Pittsburgh Disc Golfer Ready to Compete."  Essential Pittsburgh's Paul Guggenheimer, Marcus Charleston and Heather McClain won in the Public Affairs/Community Service (Radio) category for "After Charlie Hebdo, Local Editorial Cartoonists Defend their Right to Satire." Guggenheimer, Charleston and Katie Blackley won in the Arts & Entertainment category for "Rock Musician Peter Frampton Goes Acoustic."