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Community Leader Lauren Byrne on Being a Millennial in Pittsburgh

Marina Weis
90.5 WESA

Since she was a little girl, Lauren Byrne wanted to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother, a community leader in the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation.

After graduating college, she worked in Mayor Bob O’Connor’s office and transitioned into Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s office. There she did what was “in her blood,” making changes in communities in the department of neighborhood initiatives.

At 25, she became the executive director of the Lawrenceville United, a resident-driven, community-based non-profit. She’s held the position for four years.

Lauren Byrne on Pittsburgh’s Millennial Generation:

  • Millennials are passionate about influencing their communities. It may be hard work, but many of her friends thrive by helping people and playing a role in positive transformations.
  • It’s “cool” to live in Pittsburgh. Young professionals are moving here not only because it’s “hip,” but also because it has a sense of history. The city is welcoming with opportunities for social and community engagement.
  • With younger people running for office, Pittsburgh has a “new, fresh perspective.” She sees her generation having plans for development, transportation and cultural programming.
  • Byrne describes herself as liberal, progressive and socially minded in politics. She believes it’s important that everyone is allowed the same opportunities in life, such as education and housing.

Listen to a full interview with Lauren Byrne here: