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Negotiating The Iran Nuclear Deal

Carolyn Kaster
AP Images
President Barack Obama speaks about the nuclear deal with Iran, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015, at American University in Washington.

What we need is a deeper level of analysis beyond just Secretary Moniz and Secretary Kerry pontificating before House and Senate committees.

  Republicans in Congress have scheduled a vote for mid-September on a resolution to reject the Iran nuclear deal. Conservatives are using the August recess to build up public pressure against the agreement.Former U.S. Ambassador Dan Simpson is now a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette associate editor. He has written an op-ed piece calling on Congress to approve the Iran deal. Ambassador Simpson joins us in studio along with, by phone from Israel, Gregg Roman, Community Relations Council Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh who says we have cause to be wary of Iran." Also in the studio, Stuart Pavilack, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Office Zionist Organization of America who believes Congress should reject the deal.

Also in the program, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering shares his thoughts on the deal.

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