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PSEA President Believes 'Schools Are In A Real Crisis' Without State Budget

Tyler Nienhouse
Nearly two months after the deadline for the state budget, local school districts are beginning to feel the impact of the impasse.
The kids are the ones that are going to suffer here. - Mike Crossey

As a new school year gets underway how is the continued lack of a state budget impacting school districts in the region? Mike Crossey, the president of the Pennsylvania State Education Association says political "games" in Harrisburg are beginning to affect local schools in a negative way.  

Many students, especially those living in lower income neighborhoods, are going back to school with limited resources for the new year and Crossey says without access to them, students are likely to underperform on state evaluations. 

"Nobody wants to throw money at a problem," Crossey said. " But if we invest, and this is proven, that if we invest in programs that work for kids, the kids will do better."

He urges listeners to call their legislators to find a way to compromise. 

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