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Rock Musician Peter Frampton Goes Acoustic

Jeff Daly
Invision/AP Images
Rock legend Peter Frampton will be performing at the Carnegie Library of Homestead in Munhall on October 16, 2015.

Rock and roll legend Peter Frampton will be coming to the Carnegie Music Hall on October 16th as part of his tour “Peter Frampton Raw.” Frampton joined Essential Pittsburgh to discuss the tour, as well as sharing some of his history as a musician.

The tour features Frampton performing many of his without his signature electric guitar sound. He’ll play all his pieces on acoustic guitar with “not an electric instrument on stage.”

The show’s performance style is based on an album Frampton is currently working on, which he believes will showcase his songs in an organic way.

“I’m in the process of doing an album of just me on acoustic guitar doing my older material just the way I wrote it, like two seconds after I finished the song,” Frampton said.

Gordon Kennedy, Frampton’s writing partner for years, will also be joining him on the tour, as well as Frampton’s son, Julian.

Unlike the album, the tour will feature songs from Frampton’s newest album “Humming Bird in a Box.” Different from his usual style, the album was actually written for a ballet performed in Cincinnati.

“Well, I’ve never written for dance, so it was kinda challenging; it was kinda well, let’s see if this works,” Frampton said on writing “Humming Bird.”

Frampton also shared anecdotes from his years of performing live, such as teaching himself how to play guitar, the history of his signature “talk box” sound effect and the story the lost and found guitar. Frampton also shared his thoughts on the success of his best known album, “Frampton Comes Alive.” It was released in 1976 and went on to become the best-selling live album of its time.

“What sent it over the top is that id factor,” Frampton said. “There’s something in there that, when you listen to that record you actually smile, because you can feel that we are enjoying what we’re doing and it comes across.”

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