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Criminal (In)Justice Podcast Dives Into Complexities Of The Legal System

Megan Harris
90.5 WESA

From police body cameras to consent decrees to excessive use of force, almost every legal question you can imagine is covered in University of Pittsburgh law professor David Harris’ new podcast, Criminal (In)Justice. Inspired by heightened public interest in law enforcement and the legal system, Harris says he’s using the podcast to have in-depth conversation about issues pertinent to listeners.

People really have a thirst for knowledge about how the system actually works. - David Harris

“The discussion with a well-informed guest gives you a chance to get at some things that I think would be kind of unexpected,” Harris explains.

In partnership with 90.5 WESA, Harris premieres Criminal (In)Justice tonight, March 29th. After appearing on Essential Pittsburgh many times in the past four years, he says he reached out to the station because of its commitment to through and engaging storytelling.

“WESA is a tremendous asset to the Pittsburgh community,” Harris says. “Not everything on the air is as good or as deep as public radio.”

At the end of each podcast, Harris says he's included a special whimsical segment he's been calling "Lawyers Behaving Badly." Hopefully, he explains, even when there's a serious conversation for the majority of the program, listeners will smile at the silly actions of lawyers from around the country.

A listening party for Criminal (In)Justice begins tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in Oakland.

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