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You Can Get RADical This Weekend

40 Pittsburgh venues will be offering free admission during the 10th annual RADical Days which are held as a thank you to the public for the sales tax revenue that supports the region's parks, libraries, sports facilities, and local attractions.

David Donahoe. Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD) Executive Director said RADical Days began as a recognition for the public support of entities such as the Pittsburgh Zoo and Phipp's Conservatory. "Many of them have free days at different times during the year but we thought it would be neat to do it over a weekend and concentrate in a sort of festival atmosphere," said Donahoe. "That has changed to see a lot of these great assets that make this a special place to live."

Donahoe said RADical Days usually attracts around 50,000 people, and has added two new offerings this year. An afternoon of music, dance and theater performances at the New Hazlett Theater, and an open house at the Young Men and Women's African Heritage Association on the North Shore.

Donahoe said it's a way for residents to discover Pittsburgh's amenities. "Well if they'd not been to places like Phipp's Conservatory, or the National Aviary, or the Pittsburgh Zoo either recently or perhaps ever they really need to know what's available to them," said Donahoe. "And this is a great way to do that at no cost to a family. And they may decide that they want to become members of these organizations, maybe come back at future dates, or maybe it'll just be a one time visit."

RADical Days 2011 kicks off September 24th with the Allegheny County Parks' Hay Day at Hartwood Acres and concludes on October 15th with music, dance tours, and performances by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Opera and Attack Theater. A full schedule of this year's events can be found at the RADical Days website.