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Bill Bodine

The Frick Art & Historical Center's Director says in a good museum, as in a good book, "each object has a story to tell."

Bill Bodine recommends:

Edmund DeWaal, The Hare With Amber Eyes

Traces the parallel stories of nineteenth-century art patron Charles Ephrussi and his unique collection of 360 miniature netsuke Japanese ivory carvings, documenting Ephrussi's relationship with Marcel Proust and the impact of the Holocaust on his cosmopolitan family.


Robert Hughes, Rome: A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History

From Robert Hughes, one of the greatest art and cultural critics of our time, comes a sprawling, comprehensive, and deeply personal history of Rome—as city, as empire, and, crucially, as an origin of Western art and civilization, two subjects about which Hughes has spent his life writing and thinking.


John Julius Norwich, Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy

A comprehensive history of the papacy describes the defining relevance of papal authority to the Church, chronicling the unexpectedly violent and colorful historical events that have indelibly shaped the Pope's authority and station.


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