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"Golden Dragon" Will Be A Production Marvel

With an interesting plot and unconventional performance, "The Golden Dragon" will keep audience members engaged, to say the least. Presented by the Quantum Theater, the production will open on August 3 on Carnegie Lake in Highland Park.

The stories of the kitchen staff at an Asian cuisine restaurant and tenants from the apartment above intertwine and are acted out on a raft-like stage on the water.

"There's this interesting lake that has this series of kind of formal walkways built onto it," said artistic director Karla Boos, "and we have built a floating configuration that extends out from these floating platforms, and the audience will sit on the bank."

Boos described the plot as a kaleidoscope of people and events and how they are connected. She also said this will be the theater's second production of a play by Roland Schimmelpfenning, a renowned director and playwright.

"He writes about globalization, he writes about how the way we move across cultures, our coming together, our difficulties across cultures affects everyday life. It's all-pervasive now; globalization is all-pervasive," Boos said.

Another interesting aspect is how the production utilizes the actors. "Its method of communicating its story is really interesting because it's not completely straightforward. Five actors are asked to play the cooks in the kitchen and also play these characters," Boos said.

Several events will be held in addition to the performances throughout the first and second week of August:

  • August 2: A Community Night Preview performance will follow a pre-show reception.
  • August 3: Opening Night of the production, followed by a champagne reception.
  • August 5: A Q&A session with the cast and director will be held after the production.
  • August 8: A Ladies Night with a ladies-only reception and viewing of the play.

More information on times and locations of other events can be found on the Quantum Theater's website.

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