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Artistic Food Drives Featured Canned Food Sculptures

Along with the holiday season, the Arts Coalition of the Alleghenies in Johnstown has wrapped up all of their food drives, but not before the food that was collected was put on display in a unique and unconventional way.

“Since we are the Arts Coalition, we figured we’d do something related to art, so we took all the canned goods and made them into sculptures,” said Michael Bodolosky, Executive Director of the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center, one of the locations were the artwork was displayed.

Throughout the six weeks of the food drive, Bodolosky said the canned food structures grew larger as more food was donated. “They were on display since the beginning of December, and as people brought things we in, we added to the sculpture. It was like a work in progress,” Bodolosky said.

Friday morning, the more than 500 cans and boxes of food was taken to St. Vincent DePaul, a Catholic organization that provides services to residents in need. Bodolosky said the food drives were a way to become more involved in the community through art.

“This way it’s food and art combined, and with the arts trying to give art back to the community, this was one way where people could visually take a look at it and then we could pass it on,” Bodolosky said.

The Arts Coalition of the Alleghenies consists of artists and art organizations in Bedford, Cambria, and Somerset Counties that aim to promote art in the community.