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Phipps Offers Free Admission

If you’ve been looking to visit Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens but hesitate because of the $15 admission fee, you’re chance to visit free of charge is here.

Phipps is dropping its admission charge for February 25th and extending the Garden Railroad, Orchid, and Tropical Bonsai Show so people will be able to take in the flowers.

Margie Radebaugh, Director of Horticulture and Education at Phipps, said, in addition to the current shows, people are also able to enjoy their year round plants.

“It’s a great opportunity to probably get in out of the cold into a warm and tropical environment, and to really enjoy all that we have to offer.”

Radebaugh said the opportunity to offer free admission was made possible by a grant from the Jack Buncher Foundation which wanted to make sure Phipps could be shared with the entire community.

During the “free day” visitors will also be able to take self-guided tours of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, a new research facility that generates its own renewable energy.

“They’ll be able to get a glimpse of the garden,” said Radebaugh. “Of course, they’re not in their full glory (the plants) until later in the spring. But they’ll also see some of the inner workings of the building.”

Radebaugh said there will be stations inside the building where Phipps employees and volunteers will be able to discuss with visitors more about its green features.