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Gallery Crawl to Preview Theater and Visual Art CSAs

The "Community Supported Agriculture" or CSA model is taking on more and more iterations.

Traditionally, a CSA offers subscriptions to locally grown produce, but it was recently announced that a visual art CSAwould be available April 30. Now a theater CSA is in the offing as well.

The New Hazlett Theater on the north side is selling CSA shares that include six performances every other month, from August to June.

René Conrad, executive director of the New Hazlett, explained that for $100, shareholders will get to see original dance, theater and music performances by local artists. 

"They are all artists who are from our local community, so unlike some places where you would be bringing in artists from out of town, or bringing in actors to perform, these folks are all from here," she said.

Conrad said they had around 60 performer applicants apply for the CSA and eventually narrowed it down to six. She said the pieces are unique and include everything from poetry to rare music.

"A really interesting performance is a play, but it also includes puppetry, from a company called Miniature Curiosa," Conrad said. "The play is called 'Birds of America,' but it's going to include some toy theater, puppetry and multimedia aspects to it."

She said performers will be offering a peek of what will be available in the CSA at the downtown Gallery Crawl Friday.

The 2013-14 season lineup includes:

  • Poet and playwright Kelli Stevens Kane
  • Multimedia puppeteers Miniature Curiosa
  • Dance company Continuum Dance Theater
  • Audio/visual astronaut Dan Wilcox
  • Musicians Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra
  • Movement artists Maree ReMalia and merrygogo