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Former NFL Players Not Receiving Their Due for Appearances in NFL Films

Bob Dvorchak
Sports n'at

When a blockbuster films appears on television, the actors receive royalties for their appearances, the same goes for TV show reruns.

One would think the same goes for former football players who appear in NFL films. Video clips of the “Immaculate Reception,” have run countless times on television, yet Franco Harris and John Fuqua have never seen payment for the replays.

Former NFL players recently filed a lawsuit against the National Football League, demanding payment for the times their images, jersey numbers, and videos appear in NFL films. Sports contributor, Bob Dvorchak feels there is a point to be made.

“The team and the league owns your jersey, number and signature while you’re under contract," says Dvorchak, "But not after your contract has expired. So they should be entitled to some royalties.”