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The Most Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

Joseph A

Each year as Halloween approaches, people flock to corn mazes, pumpkin patches and local ghost tours.

According to Samantha Bennett, storyteller and guide for Haunted Pittsburgh Tours, this city is extraordinarily haunted.

“I didn’t even know how haunted it was until I moved here." she says, "It is packed with ghosts because Pittsburgh’s history is filled with labor strife and industrial accidents which gives it a lot of spiritual activity."

One would think that the people who have ghost stories to tell would be credulous people who believe everything they hear. Bennet says it’s the exact opposite. Those who come to her with spiritual happenings are very credible witnesses who are down to earth and intelligent. 

Although she has not come into contact with any spirits herself, her favorite story involves a judge who hanged himself at the Carnegie Library in Oakland.

According to library staff, a local judge frequently occupied a particular corner in the library and for some unknown reason, he committed suicide. Now, at night, ghostly writing in different languages appears on the wall high up by the ceiling. When the writing is in English, Bennet says the message is always the same: “The Judge is here.”