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Behind the Stage Door with Rich Engler

Rich Engler

Rich Engler is a nationally recognized concert promoter from Pittsburgh. The former co-owner of  DiCesare-Engler Productions has written a new book called Behind the Stage Door, a retrospective of his 40 years as one of the top concert promoters in the region.

Engler shares some entertaining, personal stories of what went on backstage at many of the largest concerts to come through Pittsburgh, and how he went from rock musician to rock promoter.

“My band got really, really famous up in Canada and all these different places, and so people would call me for my band and I’d say, ‘Well we’re already booked but I have Paul and the Hornets, do you want them? They’re the same money.’"

He says he began booking acts for fellow musicians until  the Music Union told him he needed a license to book music acts.

That was the beginning of his first concert promotion business called Go Attractions in Shadyside.

The book Behind the Stage Door is available on Engler's website and at most local Giant Eagle stores in Western Pennsylvania.