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Business Lessons Learned in Gettysburg

Even though the battle of Gettysburg was fought more than 150 years ago, Point Park University business professor George Bromall says there are lessons to be learned from that war, which are still relevant today. Lessons of supply and demand, transportation, construction, and more.

Through a class titled Business History Perspectives, professor Bromall takes groups of undergraduates to the battlefields of Gettysburg to teach the importance of adaptive leadership.

“Gettysburg was a very interesting battle, a three day battle with probably 8 or 9 very critical moments that would have changed the course of the battle. And we’ll get to one of those places on the battlefield and I’ll ask a student, what would you do here? And how would you do it, and why would you do it? And what would the effect be or how would you determine what the effect would be? Putting the students in those positions where they have to use their critical thinking skills is interesting because then we get some pretty good dialogue...it’s good to put students in a situation where they have to make a critical decision then justify it.”

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