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Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Pittsburgh Playhouse
Point Park University

“Sex, democracy and rock ‘n’ roll” take the stage at the Pittsburgh Playhouse this weekend when the colorful life of our nation’s seventh president is performed in the rock musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

The show’s director, Michael McKelvey, says the show portrays the leader in a time where the “true” roots of democracy dominated the political sphere.

McKelvey relates that power and democracy became a sort of drug for Jackson and he became obsessed with relating to his constituents and trying to appease every voice. “He really was America’s first rock star president, so to speak,” McKelvey explains, “He helped develop the democratic party, he was known as the people’s president and populism was the thrust of his administration, where somebody was representing a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The show will run February 21 through March 2 at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Oakland.

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