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Pittsburgh Made Porky, Porky Made Pittsburgh: Remembering Porky Chedwick

Known as “Daddio of the Raddio,” “Your Platter-Pushin’ Poppa,” “Pork the Insane,” or “Pork the Tork,” DJ Porky Chedwick is a Pittsburgh legend.

Chedwick died Sunday at the age of 96, but his reputation and legacy set the standard for quality music on the airwaves for over 50 years.

Longtime Pittsburgh record producer and retailer Travis Klein remembers Chedwick for his honesty, integrity and pioneering radio work.

Porky is credited for introducing young white audiences to music by black artists. Klein says other DJ’s played a lot of tunes by African American vocal groups, but what set Porky apart was his integration of solo artists, duet groups, horn records, jump-blues and gospel and spiritual music.

Klein remembers selling records made famous by Porky to black jukebox companies and then hearing the music at clubs and dance halls in the Hill.

Porky has been inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and remains and iconic figure in Pittsburgh broadcasting. 

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