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Finding Beauty In Simplicity, Bones And All

Courtesy photo

When Zak Kruszynski came across the phrase “bones and all,” he thought it got to the root of what he wanted to accomplish with a woodworking business.

That is, to reuse materials — often totally discarded — as often as possible, and to try to use every bit to reduce waste.

"Also, I thought it had a great ring to it,” he said.

Kruszynski's parents built a house while he was growing up, and he said he “spent two years running around a construction site” building things out of scraps. Later, when he felt the need to express himself artistically, these types of materials were what he felt comfortable working with.

Inspired by the American arts and crafts movement, he now creates simple but highly functional pieces via his workshop Bones and All.

"There’s a style and beauty to that simplicity,” Kruszynski said.

He enjoys collecting discarded materials that interest him and then seeing what it could be. He likes to “let the materials do part of the work,” influencing what the final results become.

See some of Kruszynski's work at his website,