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Would You Like Fries With That? Social Club Feb.27



Fish fries abound in Pittsburgh this time of year, and this week's Social Club is dripping with tasty fried batter. (What's the plural for "fish fry" anyway?  "Frys" or "fries"? We'll defer to The Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper and go with "fries.") 

Church basements are the place to be on a Friday night for the next six weeks, but the Pub Chip Shop of Pipers Pub serves up the good stuff all year long.

The Yelp Talk Board is full of real people tips and suggestions.

Find out about the Eat'nPark "smiley face cookie" scandal.

An app for fish fries and festivals? Yep.

Pittsburgh Fish Fry Twitter handle: @pghfishfry

And finally... Will Josh give up snark?