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Pittsburgh Nonprofits Participate in Large Crowdfunding Campaign

Jaime Dillen-Seibel

It’s being called the “largest crowdfunding event in history,” and Pittsburgh has the most nonprofits participating.

May 5 is Give Local America day, in which nonprofits are asking individuals to log on and donate gifts.

“This is a great way to support many different local Pittsburgh-based organizations – there are 37 that are on the system, over 20 of which are arts and cultural organizations,” Mitch Swain, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council CEO said. “And we’re really excited about the opportunity for people to be able to make an online gift on that day.”

He said Pittsburgh’s nonprofit participation over-shadows even New York City.

“Pittsburgh is a generous place,” Swain said. “And we’ve done really well with online programs like this in the past.”

Pittsburgh has a successful history with these types of campaigns. The Pittsburgh Foundation has sponsored the Day of Giving for six years, and the city has participated in Giving Tuesday after Thanksgiving for the past few years.

More than $53,000,000 was raised last year on Give Local America, and Pittsburgh arts and culture nonprofits hope to benefit from some of that this year.

“Everything we do is funded by donors like you, and anyone who can give on the day of giving, whether it’s $15 or $1,000, it helps us keep our doors open and create these interactive, hands-on exhibits that we provide at the museum,” said Lauren Boehm, the Children’s Museum’s manager of individual giving.

Adam Stokes, City of Asylum Pittsburgh development manager for individual and corporate relationships, said the organization is still fairly young but hopes to show how it has rapidly evolved.

“An opportunity like Give Local America is a chance for us to share the way that we have changed and tell our story to community members that might not have known exactly how much we’ve grown in the last ten years,” Stokes said.

Those interested can log onto the Give Local 15 website where they can find a list of Pittsburgh nonprofits seeking gifts.