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At Arcade Comedy Theater, Learning The Art Of Making People Laugh

Courtesy Arcade Comedy Theater

The art of making people laugh and teaching people how to make others laugh come together at downtown’s Arcade Comedy Theater. This is a venue for performance that also includes “comedy education.”

Jethro and Kristy Nolen are two of the organizations founders, and they explained that ”comedy is a set of tools, but you can always increase that.”
They’re seeing an increase in the number of people interested in doing that. Starting with one class several years ago, they now offer multiple classes.

They are, however, primarily, a venue for touring and local comedians. They operate as a non profit which allows them to have comedy as the main focus rather than being (as most comedy clubs are) a bar where getting drinkers through the door is the main focus.

"That doesn’t always lead to the most creative and vibrant artistic space," Jethto Nolen said.