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Beer, dogs, and tech. Oh my!: Social Club October 2


   The truth about cats and dogs, scotch whiskey and chocolate, and meats delivered to your doorstep.

Have you posted a picture of a dog today? Josh reveals that people get more social media followers if they post photos of dogs rather than cats. But enough about puppies; let's get to the events. 

Nanograms premiered last week at Thrival. Be sure to check it out!

Rachel says Thrival was really good, and her hoarse voice is evidence. It was great seeing all the people converging at the old saw mill area, the atmosphere was electric, and the lighting was super electric. She’s looking forward to what they’ll be doing year after year. In her opinion, Andrew McMohan was the best of the music performances.

On Friday there is a Wine & Cheese Happy Hour at the Public Market. Many vendors will be there, including a new one promoting meat delivery. Sometimes you’re on the couch watching Battle Star Galactica (or Portlandia) and you really want a link of sausage, but you don’t want to get up. Your problem is now solved! Tickets are $40 for adults and $20 for kids ages 2-12. The event is put on by the Farm to Table organization which will have its harvest tasting later this month.   

Saturday is the 7th annual WearWoof Scotch & Chocolate Party at Winter Green Garden, behind the front desk at PPG Place. During the days it’s an eating area, but it transforms into an events space at night. They have Christmas tree displays there in winter, and Josh wonders if they have “weird santas” from different countries. Though they never tried scotch and chocolate together, Josh and Rachel decide that it would be a good combination with the smoky and dark mixture. Tickets are $100 for an elegant evening with tastings. Also, the guests will be “scotch-schooled” by a Scotch professor. What’s the tenure for that type of professor? Putting in a lot of hours of drinking scotch.

If you’re into hopps and whiskey, Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse on the North Side is hosting GTECH's annual fundraiser Wethoptober Fest this Saturday from 6-9 PM. GTECH promotes technologies and cool things going on in Pittsburgh. Tickets are $30 for different tastings, food, raffles, and you'll have the opportunity to try some Wigle Whiskey cocktails and visit the Wigle garden before it closes for the season. Also, Wigle Whiskey and East End Brewing provide a hopped whiskey.

Dogtober Fest 2015 is coming to the Waterfront this Saturday from 11AM- 4PM. Dressed up dogs will be shown off in a Pooch Pride Costume Parade ($5 fee). A dog-owner look-alike competition will also occur. There are up to $500 prizes.         

Josh tried to brew pumpkin beer years ago before it was the trend, but they weren’t drinkable. Over 25 drinkable, pumpkin beers will be available for tastings this Saturday at the Drunkin Punkin Festival at Hough’s. Tickets are $50 for the tastings, snacks, a treat bag, and a coupon for cannings. You should drink canned beers soon after opening so it doesn’t go flat, but these cannings probably stay fresher before opening than the typical growler container.    

An up-and-coming and under-appreciated neighborhood is celebrated with Troy Hill Next 3 Days festival this Friday through Saturday. Next Pittsburgh is promoting the event. Penn Brewery and Wigle Whiskey will also be there, as well as Rick Sebak who will judge a bake-off. Sidewalk sales and selfie-guided tour of Troy are also on the agenda. 

Looks like it's going to be a great weekend!