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Q&A: Pitt Student And Jeopardy Contestant On Meeting Alex Trebek, Love Of Trivia

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University of Pittsburgh senior Sarah Dubnik, a life-long trivia fan, will compete on the college edition of Jeopardy.

A University of Pittsburgh student will make her debut tonight on Jeopardy's  college edition.

90.5 WESA's Sarah Kovash talked to senior chemisty and computer science major Sarah Dubnik, a life-long Jeopardy fan, about her experience being on the show.

WESA: So what was it like getting to meet Alex Trebek for the first time?

SD: “It was really exciting. So, he came out before our games and, um, to kind of congratulate us and wish us luck. And I didn’t see him at first, I just suddenly heard everyone else gasp and I knew right away why it was. And he came out, and he was wearing really casual clothes, and his hair was a little messed up, so it was weird to see him not in a suit.” 

WESA: You say you’ve always been a fan of Jeopardy. How did you first come across the show?

SD: “Well, supposedly I used to watch when I was really little with my grandmother, I don’t even remember this. That’s the first thing she told me when I got on the show. And then, I think, after a while when I got a little older, I, again, kind of stumbled upon it, just on TV and watching it. And I always loved trivia. Like, I’m crazy about trivia, I’m on the Quiz Bowl team and I do bar trivia with friends and things like that. And so I think I noticed that I was actually answering more questions than I would have expected.”

WESA: You can’t talk about the outcome or whether you won. So how difficult has it been to keep it a secret?

SD: “People ask me right away, ‘Did you win? How’d you do?’ And then I say, ‘I can’t say.’ And they just stare at me and try to figure it out, like is she wearing new clothes, does it look like she won money? My best friend wasn’t able to go and she’s going crazy, she just wants to know so much.” 

Dubnik will appear on the show at 7 p.m. Thursday on WPXI.