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Paint Your Family Crest Or Paint Your Body For Pride Fest: Social Club June 10


   It is a busy weekend here in Pittsburgh. Luckily, WESA’s Josh and Sarah and Yelp Pittsburgh’s Rachel are here to fill you in on your weekend plans.

Here in Pittsburgh, we may not have beaches, but we do have some beautiful rivers. And who doesn’t love a good summer beach read? May we suggest some “summer Pittsburgh river reads” for your enjoyment?

Sarah is reading “Sick In The Head,” by Judd Apatow.  Learn about how he got involved in the industry and how at only sixteen, was able to interview some comedy legends.

Rachel is reading “I Want My MTV,” a huge-thick-book filled with commentary about MTV and its history. Be honest, who doesn’t remember sneak-watching MTV when they were younger?  Now you can learn all about and there is nothing your parents can do about it!  

Josh is reading a translation of Icelandic Edda which is a main source of Norse Mythology. He explains it, but we are going to be real with you, it went a bit over our head.  Josh, we are sure it is fascinating.

Not in the mood to pretend like the Monogahela is the Atlantic ocean? Luckily for you, there are a ton of events going on.

Tar and Feather at the Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse is this Friday at 6pm. Nonprofit friends of Wigle Whiskey will join together and create fun and unique ways of “tarring and feathering” event attendees.  Enjoy distiller historic reenactments, dunk tanks and live music.

Indiana Jones… After Dark at the Carnegie National History Museum is this Friday. Enter the Indiana Jones themed costume contest, watch "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" on the big screen and enjoy drinks and music from the Pittsburgh Philharmonic. Just no snakes. Actually, there will be snakes from the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

Quick question. Does anyone still feel the need to close their eyes at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark?" Anyone? Anyone? Just us? Just asking for a friend...

Soergel Orchards & Garden Center Strawberry Festival 2016 is this Friday. Enjoy strawberry desserts and food from their food barn. Games, crafts and activities will be on hand.

Paint Monkey is having a Game of Thrones night, this Saturday. Pick your favorite house and paint an awesome picture celebrating your GOT love.

Pittsburgh Pride is this week. Activities will be held all week long, including a performance from Kesha on June 11th.  An Equality March is on Sunday and following afterwards is PrideFest, which will be held on Liberty Avenue with lots of food and fun!

Remember, Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival continues this weekend. Guster, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Lake Street Dive are all performing.

Side note: Rachel, we can't wait to see your WYEP Friends Sing Along Challenge video. Wondering what that is all about? Learn more here