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Heavy Rains Suspend Play On First Day Of U.S. Open

Heavy rains put a damper on the first day of the U.S. Open Thursday. Golfers now have to make up for the delayed play.

Players in the U.S. Open golf 72 holes – four rounds of play usually spread evenly over four days.

But several inches of heavy rain caused three stoppages on day one of golf’s biggest championship.

The United State Golf Association's Director of Public Relations Janeen Driscoll said it takes a lot to suspend play.

“Rain doesn’t stop us," Driscoll said. "Dangerous weather does. We will continue to play if there is rain, provided the course is playable, and provided we are allowing spectators to enter through the gate in safe conditions.”

Only 9 players completed their first round Thursday. Friday morning golfers resumed play where they left off, before going directly into their second round Friday afternoon.

“We have an amazing crew both inside the ropes for the golf course, and our operational crew has been working literally through the night to make sure the spectator areas are safe and we don’t have a lot of standing water,” said Driscoll. 

Sunny skies are in the forecast for the rest of the tournament. Officials are hopeful that will improve somewhat muddy course conditions and keep the tournament on track to wrap up on Sunday.