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Bill Pullman 2016: Social Club July 1


  Happy Fourth of July weekend! Time to celebrate all things red, white and blue. WESA’s Josh and Sarah and Yelp Pittsburgh’s Rachel are here to fill you in on your holiday weekend plans. Hint, hint, they involve fireworks.

Pittsburghers love one thing and one thing only. Fireworks. You have probably seen fireworks on sale at random tents all around the city. Well, we hate to break it to you, but there are some rules and regulations when it comes to lighting those things off. To learn about city and state laws when it comes to fireworks, go here.  Safety first, kids. You don’t want to be like this dummy. 


Get it? Dummy? Haha, we are hilarious.

Point State Park holds their annual fireworks on July 4th (who would have guessed that date!) Friendly suggestion, try other areas than Mount Washington to see the fireworks.  Food, drink and entertainment are on hand all day at Point State Park. You can also check out the many restaurants in the surrounding area as well. The EQT Flashes of Freedom Fireworks start at 9:35pm.

Don’t live in the city? No sweat! Mars, Latrobe, Crafton and so many more are doing fireworks as well. Check your own municipality and see where they are happening. Most start at dusk, so no excuse to not take part in some Americana.

In other non-firework related news…

A Night with Kubrick is this Friday at Mr. Smalls Fun House. Different bands will be performing their music to the Stanley Kubrick movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Voodoo Homestead’s July Epic Food Truck Rally is this Saturday at 5pm. Food friendly? Yes. Dog friendly? Yes. Bike friendly? Yes. Music and dozens of your favorite food trucks from the ‘burgh are there to offer up some yummy treats. Hey, guess what? No cover. Happy Birthday, America.

Side note, have you seen those elephant murals around town? They have been popping up all over your Instagram. Our own social clubber, Sarah Kovash, got an exclusive interview with the artist himself, former Pittsburgh Steeler, Baron Batch. Read it here.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Catch some fireworks, eat some yummy food, be with the ones you love and celebrate!