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All Your Parents Want Is To Hangout With You: Social Club July 22


    It’s great going home to your parents for the holidays. You get your laundry done, hot meals are cooked every night and you get free Wi-Fi. But what do you do when they come to visit you? WESA’s Josh and Sarah and Yelp Pittsburgh’s Rachel are here to help you out with a “plethora” of ideas. This is your parents' weekend to go crazy.

Sarah’s 'rents are coming in for the weekend and she is strapped for something to do! What is always a sure-thing-activity with the parentals? Italian food!

Try Il Pizzaiolo in Mount Lebanon. If the food is anything like the pizza they feature on their homepage, then it definitely is going to be amazing.

Legends on the North Shore (with an epic name like that, how could you turn it down?) features old school Italian food. Very traditional meals so that means one thing, yum.

You have probably seen Lidia on PBS and other tv shows, cooking all those amazing meals as you eat your Raman noodles. Well fret no more. Head on over to Lidia’s Pittsburgh on Smallman Street and you can eat all her food there. You’re welcome.

Bella Notte in the Strip offers delicious pizzas, including a different pie of the day. Grab a slice for $4. Or go next door to The Enrico Biscotti Café for quiches, pizzas, biscotti and more.

Parents want to get real adventurous?

The Bakery Square Urban Beach Party is this Friday. If there is one down thing about Pittsburgh, it is that we don’t have a beach. Well, not anymore! Bakery Square will have food trucks, music and a sand beach! So break out the flippy-floppys and let’s make a sandcastle. 

Soldiers & Sailors Presents: Over 21 Happy Hour- The Fleet Is In is this Friday at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall.  Visit a virtual beach, dance under the palm trees and enjoy delicious Aloha Punch cocktails. Re-enactors and docents will be on hand so you can learn while you have fun!

One WHIRL Yoga Fest at Point State Park is this Saturday starting at 6am (don't worry, your parents can get you up- they will already be up by then.) This is totally worth the early wake up time because they will have yoga, Pilates and you also get a general admission ticket to the National Aviary. Just make sure to bring your own yoga mat.

This Sunday is a Lobster Crawl around the Pittsburgh area. Try all the lobster the city has to offer and vote at the end of the night for the best roll of the city. 

This next one is pretty amazing. There will be a Giant Pillow Fight at Schenley Park. It’s free. It’s on Sunday. It’s a real thing that is happening. Bring your own pillow and join in the fun. Go enjoy a movie in the park . Then, when you are least expecting it, there will be a secret signal and the fight will begin! This is everything. If you go to it, tweet us at @905wesa and send us some pics!

Last but not least,  Mary-Louise Parker. She’s coming to Pittsburgh on July 27th and Josh is going to be interviewing her. Fun fact, Josh has a bit of a school-girl crush on her (let's be honest, who doesn't.) It’s worth buying the ticket to see Josh keep his cool around this leading lady.  :) In all seriousness, they will be discussing her new book "Dear Mr. You," her literary debut. 

It's going to be a fun weekend. And just think, by taking your parents out this weekend, you are pretty much even for every kind, generous and thoughtful thing they have ever done for you, right? 

XOXO- Social Club