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Kayak Through Downtown, Plant A Pothole Garden? What To Do In Pittsburgh When It’s 70 In February

Keith Srakocic

Winter is far from over, but a warm front through the Pittsburgh region is just enough to give Yinzers a taste of spring. With the high projected to be in the 70s Tuesday, we've put together a list of (totally silly) ways to take advantage of some unexpectedly warm weather in the heart of February. 

1. Go on a quick kayak trip ... on a major Downtown street.

With the point and "bathtub" section of I-376 downtown flooded, it's a perfect opportunity to take advantage of water sports, just like Larry Gioia did Sunday. 

2. Get a jump on your spring garden. No need for a flower bed, try using a pothole. 

In the past, people have taken pothole maintenance into their own hands by planting flowers in these street craters. (Related: It's not just your imagination, the pothole season in Pittsburgh is particularly bad this year.)

3. No use for road salt? Rim a margarita glass instead. 

Grab that parking chair off the street, take a seat on your carpeted porch and relax while you enjoy the heat. (Photo Credit)

4. Stock up on bread, milk and toilet paper. 

With no snowstorm in sight, your local Giant Eagle is sure to be stocked with these winter essentials. Also, Pittsburgh Magazine explores why we buy those three staples. (Photo Credit)

5. Loose cold patch all over your street? Use it to make a rock garden. 

Don't lose your temper over road woes. Instead, turn your street frustrations into a zen moment by carefully curating gravel. Don't have a rake? Use your ice scraper instead! (Photo Credit)

6. Take a stroll and catch 'em all

Credit Image by Katie Blackley

Enjoy the nice weather with a walk around tahn to capture the various kinds of construction cones -- from ones marking potholes to construction on your commute.

Sarah Kovash previously worked as a web producer for KDKA-TV, as a freelance journalist for the Valley News Dispatch covering local government throughout the Alle-Kiski Valley and at NPR station KPBS in San Diego.
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