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Voucher Program Gives Pittsburgh Residents Discounted Access To Dormont Pool

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Sarah Schneider
90.5 WESA

A new coupon voucher program will allow Pittsburgh residents to swim at the Dormont Pool for city pool prices for the remainder of the summer 2021 season, announced Pittsburgh's Department of Parks and Recreation Thursday.

“We have 10 of our 18 pools that are closed this year,” said Pittsburgh City Councilor Anthony Coghill. “When I was a kid, our lives circled around the pools. So I feel they're very important.”

The coupon voucher ensures free entry for children and a $2 discount for adults, matching the city pool rate of $5. Residents can acquire coupons starting July 30 at the eight open city pool locations or the Brookline or Phillips Recreation Centers. The Dormont program does not apply to people with a city season pool tag.

Pittsburgh City Council partnered with the Borough of Dormont to create the program.

“It just goes to show you, working outside our district and in our surrounding suburbs really could be advantageous,” Coghill said.

The council scrapped efforts to open more pools within the city earlier this month, but the new discount program offers Pittsburgh residents a new pool just over the city line.

Margaret Fleming is a newsroom production assistant from Chicago, IL. She's a rising junior studying journalism at Northwestern University and covers sports at the student radio station, WNUR. Margaret can be reached at
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