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Remembering Jerry Weber Of 'Jerry’s Records'

Joaquin Gonzalez
90.5 WESA

Jerry Weber, the man behind the legendary Squirrel Hill record store, died Friday, Jan. 28 at the age of 73.

Weber spent more than 40 years selling used vinyl records and was a staple of the Pittsburgh music scene. He’ll be missed by many, including the WYEP staff. (You can listen above to Weber’s “Record Story” from A Record Store Day feature on WYEP a few years ago, during which he recalls searching for a Robert Johnson 78.)

“I didn’t know Jerry until much later in life,” said Soul Show Host Mike Canton. “I recall a wonderful moment at a Hartwood Acres show, when he called me over to his picnic setup, offered me a beverage, introduced me to the family and sent me on my way with a treasured tee. It felt like I had known him forever.”

The Grooves host Brian Siewiorek has spent countless hours at Jerry’s. He’s especially fond of the endearing, homemade labels that adorn many of the records found at the store.

Brian Siewiorek

“Like many others, when I flip through my records, I will always think of Jerry when I come across many of the homemade labels he affixed to the sleeves before they hit the sales floor,” Siewiorek said.

Many also took to social media to share their memories of Jerry and rummaging through the stacks of records at the store.

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