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State Transportation Funding Passed Through Compromise

The PA state legislature has finally approved a transportation bill that would fund mass transit and infrastructure improvements. Governor Tom Corbett and many others in the state have been pushing for its passage for well over a year.

State capitol correspondent Mary Wilson says by leading the most recent round of compromises between Republican and Democratic Representatives, the House speaker should be credited for the final adoption of this contentious bill.

"The raising of fees, the removal of a cap on the gas tax to possibly make gas cost a lot more, all of those things were very unpalatable to House republicans." says Wilson "Many of whom ran on a platform of 'no tax increases, smaller government,' Their point was that we should be able to address the critical needs of infrastructure without generating 2 and a half billion dollars on the backs of motorists and businesses."

While fees, surcharges and fines will still be going up, the speaker agreed to roll back key prevailing wage requirements.

WESA's capitol reporter Mary Wilson joins us to look at the details of this long overdue and debated legislation.