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Want An In-Home Office? ‘Module’ To Let Pittsburghers Build Houses Room-By-Room

Kathleen J. Davis
90.5 WESA
Module's demo house, located in Nova Plaza.

A Pittsburgh housing startup called Module is working on its first residential property, to be located in the North Side. 

The company's prototypes are customizable housing options, meaning a person can buy their house with as many units as they want, and add rooms as time goes on -- almost like life-sized, livable Legos.

Module's Founder and CEO Brian Gaudio said Module's goal is to offer well-designed houses in the $150,000-300,000 price range, which he said he believes will appeal to younger demographics who haven't ventured into home ownership. Gaudio said the units will be built with an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

"When you're talking about this younger generation and this younger demographic, sustainability is something they really value and so being responsible about that carbon footprint, and also living in a place where they can walk to the grocery store are aspects of housing that we want to serve," he said.

Module's demo house, located in Nova Place, is 12 feet by 16 feet, and is styled as a home office and living room. According to the prototypes, additions to a Module home can be made on the side or on top of an existing unit.

In response to Pittsburgh's housing shortage, Gaudio said he thinks Module can help fill a gap in the city's housing market.

"We have designs and we have an interest in helping provide affordable housing," Gaudio said. "We're looking for the right partners here in Pittsburgh to work on those project with because we realize we can't do it alone."

Gaudio said it's important for Module to stay in Pittsburgh to help foster the city's startup culture.

Kathleen J. Davis covers news about just about anything at WESA. She’s also the primary reporter and producer of WESA’s weekly series Pittsburgh Tech Report. Kathleen originally hails from the great state of Michigan, and is always available to talk about suburban Detroit and Coney Island diners. She lives in Bloomfield.