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Hazelwood Green’s Roads Open To The Public Today

Margaret J. Krauss
90.5 WESA
In the first phase of its life, Blair Street was called "Signature Boulevard."

Hazelwood Green has some of the most buttery pavement in Pittsburgh, and for the first time today that smooth ride is open to the public.

Hazelwood Avenue keeps it name as it extends into the site from the neighborhood's business district, crossing over Irvine Street into the site. A new road, Blair Street, runs east to west through the 178-acre parcel and connects to a trail segment. Blair Street is a complete street, with sidewalks for pedestrians and a two-way bike path.

The site’s owner, Almono LLP, dedicated the new Blair Street to the City of Pittsburgh at last week’s council meeting.

The roads and path will provide crucial connections between Hazelwood and surrounding communities, and make it possible to safely commute on foot or by bike. Take note of no trespassing signs, as construction continues on much of the site.