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New Website Aims To Expand Workforce Diversity

Employers from around the region announced today they will join to create a more diverse workforce within the Pittsburgh region. was formed in February by Robert L. Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), whose purpose is to increase the awareness of qualified minority job candidates, and to improve access for vendor services and supplier contracts for minority businesses.

Johnson says is all about one thing: opportunity.

"What OppsPlace is designed to do is to do everything to harness the power of the internet, and harness the commitment that all of us should have and share about diversity and inclusion to make sure that this country give everybody a chance and an opportunity," said Johnson.

Specifically, OppsPlace will provide a dedicated online network for helping qualified job seekers and business owners engage directly with key decision makers across the country.

Another thing that makes OppsPlace different according to Johnson is OppsPlace's services are free.

"We don't charge the individuals to be OppsPlace Members. We don't charge the companies, the minority companies — no matter how large they are, we don't charge them," said Johnson. "We see this as in the companies who align themselves with OppsPlace as their best interest."

Nearly 40 national companies have joined OppsPlace. Pittsburgh companies that have signed on as charter members include BNY Mellon, PNC, PPG Industries, UPMC, the United States Steel Corporation, and Vibrant Pittsburgh.

Johnson said the ultimate goal of OppsPlace is to have an impact on the minority community.

"We're not just a job site, we're not just a job-posting site," Johnson said. "We're going to build a robust network for people to interact and communicate."