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TSA Auction Of Confiscated Items To End Monday

The state's online auction of items confiscated at airports ends Monday morning.

Pennsylvania is taking bids on items expropriated in airports throughout the mid-Atlantic region, from Ohio to New Jersey.

It's no Sotheby's, but the commonwealth is hoping you'll be interested in all that stuff the Transportation Security Administration agents confiscate at security checkpoints.

Troy Thompson, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, says airports up and down the mid-Atlantic hand over the spoils to states with surplus property programs.

Thompson said that they have collected just about everything. "We have sunglasses, corkscrews, the metal knives, Swiss army knives, scissors, belts, hand tools — just a lot of items. Frying pans, kitchen items," he said.

Pennsylvania created a surplus property program in 2004. Since then, the state has made more than $700,000 from sales of other people's stuff.

You can bid on items one at a time or try buying in bulk.

Individuals who want to bid on items can search the listings on the GovDeals website.