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Former 'Occupy Pittsburgh' Park Slated for Spring Reopening

More than ten months after the economic protest group Occupy Pittsburgh abandoned its encampment in a downtown green space, the small park known as Mellon Green is still entirely fenced off to the encircling sidewalks.

According to BNY Mellon spokesman Ron Gruendl, the global financial firm is hoping to reopen its park in the spring.

The spot, normally featuring grass and trees surrounding a large sculpture, was essentially turned into an acre of mud when as many as 100 protesters camped out there from October of 2011 to February of 2012. Occupy Pittsburgh was officially evicted from the property February 6 after losing a property-rights court case to BNY Mellon.

Gruendl said BNY Mellon has been making extensive repairs to the heavily damaged property.

"Improvements included overhaul of underground irrigation-sprinkler system, repairs to the fountain, and installation of a visual low post and chain and gating. We've also had some gardening work done," said Gruendl, in a written statement.

He said BNY Mellon received permission from the city to leave the park fenced in until repair work is complete.

Gruendl noted that the park is generally closed in the winter, which started on Friday, December 21 this year. In winters past, BNY Mellon merely put a chain across the entrances to the park to prevent access.