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National Labor Relations Board Files Another Complaint Against UPMC

The National Labor Relations Board has filed another complaint against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, claiming four workers have been fired for union activity.

UPMC spokeswoman Gloria Kreps says, "The NLRB has not determined that UPMC has violated any labor laws and any representation that a violation has been found is false." She says the hospital network, which dominates western Pennsylvania, is looking forward to presenting its side.

That will happen at a hearing Dec. 16. Earlier charges were settled in February, but SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania and the NLRB contend UPMC has retaliated against some workers — including re-firing one employee previously reinstated under the earlier agreement.

The NLRB also contends UPMC threatened workers with poor performance evaluations for trying to unionize and disciplined workers who testified about the earlier NLRB charges.

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