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The Innovation Practice Institute Innovates Law School Education

Marcus Charleston
90.5 WESA

As our technology evolves and the economy becomes increasingly entrepreneurial, the role of the lawyer and law school is changing.

Stephanie Dangel, Executive Director of the Innovation Practice Institute says with the changing economy, 40% of lawyers are not currently practicing law, and 30% of students in law school do not intend to be lawyers.

Faculty Director Michael Madison says the Innovation Practice Institute was created to develop a new approach to law school teaching,

"We’re definitely trying to expose students to the legal profession, to the practice of the law and content of the law in new ways. So by no means taking a big leap away from the classic model but adding to it with new forms of experiential education, giving our students the opportunity to work in close quarters and in partnership with their peers at Pitt and their peers at Carnegie Mellon who are on the front lines of building innovative technologies and entrepreneurial enterprises. Let them see first-hand what it means to be a lawyer in the economy.”