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PWSA Now Accepting Cash Payments at 7-Eleven Stores

Customers of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority now have another payment option at their disposal – cash payments at 7-Eleven stores.

“It’s a convenience for our customers who don’t have a bank account, a credit card, a debit card, they may be out of town,” said Melissa Rubin, a PWSA spokeswoman. “Cash payments can be made at any 7-Eleven across the U.S.”

Currently, customers can make payments online, by mail or in person at the PWSA building in the Strip District – but cash payments are not accepted for any of those mediums. Rubin said allowing cash payments at 7-Eleven stores simplifies the process.

“You walk in, you hand them your bill, they’ll scan it, you tell them how much you want to pay, you’re able to pay in cash, you will receive a receipt, you don’t have to worry about the  hassle of coming down to the Strip District, parking, getting a money order and running in,” said Rubin.

Rubin said PWSA is looking into possibly expanding where cash payments are accepted. Just like with other payment options, customers are asked to allow a few days for payments to be processed. There is a $3.99 processing fee for the cash payments.