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Are You A PANK Or A PUNK? What These Demographics Mean for Business

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are always looking for the next overlooked demographic to exploit. Some past examples include Young Upward Professionals (Yuppies) and couples known as DINKs (double income no kids).

The next overlooked demographic to get its own nickname are PANKs, which stands for: Professional Aunts, No Kids. 

Business contributor Rebecca Harris explains the PANK concept and their effect on the marketplace.

She says this group consists of child-loving women who do not have children of their own, and no, they're not spinsters

The term was created by Melanie Notkin, the creator of the Savvy Auntie brand and Auntie Day was established in 2009 to celebrate aunts and godmothers. Another term brought up by Essential Pittsburgh host, Paul Guggenheimer is PUNK, a professional uncle, no kids. 

Find out more about the products being advertised to PANKs and PUNKs, as well as the growing number of adults love kids but choose to not have children of their own


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