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Mt. Washington Businesses Enjoying Postponement Of Mon Incline Closure

If you're hoping to take the incline to Mt. Washington over the holiday weekend, you are in luck.

Major rehabilitation work on the Monongahela Incline scheduled to begin Aug. 31 was postponed for eight days following meetings between the Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation and the Port Authority of Allegheny County. Local business owners complained that the loss of the incline, a major method of transportation to the neighborhood, would hinder visitors over the holiday.

Mt. Washington receives approximately 1.5 million visitors every year, according Laura Guralnick, the corporation's director of economic development. While it is a go-to location throughout the year, holidays like Labor Day are particularly important, she said, as they draw an influx of tourists to the overlook and surrounding businesses.

Based on 2014 data, the incline should see 22,000 riders this Labor Day weekend, Guralnick said.

“The business owners of the shops and restaurants along Shiloh Street have anecdotally reported a 45 percent increase in sales on holiday weekends,” she said. 

Port Authority will begin the renovation Sept. 8 with plans to finish by Nov. 20, just in time for Light Up Night. The project includes plans to replace rail ties and renovate passenger cars, a catwalk and a safety restraint system. The authority will operate shuttle buses during until the incline reopens.