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NA's Carson Middle School Evacuated

Students in one of three North Allegheny School District middle schools were evacuated this morning due to a bomb threat.  Students were taken from Carson Middle School in McCandless Township to the nearby North Allegheny Intermediate school until being released at the usual time.  

The District’s administration said a “fairly detailed bomb threat” was found in a boys’ bathrooms by a student. The message was reported to a building administrator shortly before noon.

Bomb-sniffing dogs were called in to sweep the building.

Afternoon and evening activities for Carson Middle School were canceled and extra security will be in place overnight.
In a letter to parents posted on the North Allegheny website, the superintendent and the school’s principal noted that heightened security plans had already been established for Friday, December 21, the one week anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton Conn.  

As part of those safety measures, all students will have to pass through a security search area prior to entering school and student may not bring backpacks or large bags. Student movement throughout the building and on campus will be restricted throughout the day. 

The open letter reads in part, “the North Allegheny School District takes every threat seriously and makes the safety and well-being of our students and staff our first priority.”

With the exception of the Pittsburgh Public School District, North Allegheny School District is the largest district in Alegheny County.

In the meantime, students are being searched this morning as they head into Franklin Regional High School. Murrysville Police and district administrators have been investigating rumors of “potential school violence” planned for December 21st.

The district has increased security and in a statement on its website noted that “all students will be greeted in the morning (Friday) by additional Murrysville Police, uniformed security officers and District Administrators.”

Students were asked to “bring only those items to school that are absolutely essential.  If possible, all bags should be left at home.”

Any bag, purse or other belonging brought to school could be searched.