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CCAC Boyce Campus to Close Over the Weekend for Emergency Electrical Work

The Community College of Allegheny County Boyce campus in Monroeville will be closed from Friday at 6pm through Sunday, while crews work to update transformers.

“There are a number of transformers feeding the campus that are definitely showing their age and have been causing some power fluctuations at the facitlity,” said CCAC Spokesman David Hoovler, “workers will be replacing the faulty transformers and looking for any additional equipment that may be damaged and contributing to some of the problems.”

The additional repairs may include lines leading from and to the campus. Hoovler said there has not been any threat to public safety due to the aging system.

“I’ve just heard anecdotally that people haven’t been able to use space heaters or certain other appliances over concerns of overloading the system, and I know that our maintenance and repair staff had to be a little bit more careful working around the systems just because of some of those fluctuations.”

The work had been slated to be done while the campus was closed for Christmas and the New Year, but Hoovler said the needed parts didn’t arrive in time. The impact to the Boyce campus is expected to minimal, affecting mostly people who have yet to register for the spring semester.

“We do frequently have people registering right up until the last minute before the term starts and a few years ago we did away with late registrations. So once the term begins, people are not able to register for classes that have already started,” he said.

That means the deadline to register for the spring semester is Friday at 6pm. The campus will be closed Saturday and Sunday. But, Hoovler said students can still register online or at other campuses. The spring semester at the Boyce campus begins Monday.

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