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Ft. Pitt Museum Fires Replica 18th Century Cannon

An 18th century replica cannon was fired for the first time Wednesday morning at the Fort Pitt Museum at Point State Park.

A six-person crew of colonial re-enactors used all the proper protocol and ceremony in firing a blank round in the 600-pound cannon, which was made entirely in Western Pennsylvania.

Andy Masich, president and CEO of the Senator John Heinz History Center, said only an expert could tell this gun from an original. 

"During the French and Indian War, guns like this were used here at Ft. Pitt against French and Indian enemies, and then of course, during the Revolution, the Americans used the guns that were left here by the British after the French and Indian War ... they used them against the British Empire," he said.

Masich said the cannon will be fired at special events during the year, starting with the Fourth of July.